Living in SC

Almost 5 years in SC and somedays it still amazes me.  Are people really that dumb?  I think my biggest pet peeve is the way many native south carolinians drive.  WTF? Don’t they know what that level on the side of the steering column is for?

Its not there for fucking decoration, USE IT!

Pet Peeve #2 : MOPEDS.  Ok, I understand that with the gas crunch and all that some people just find a moped/scooter cheap transportation.   But any SOB with or without a driver’s license can drive a moped on SC roads.  I have seen 2 people (2 LARGE people) riding on a moped in the middle of fucking winter – it was 20 degrees out.  What really ticks me off is that they know they have a mile worth of traffic piling up behind them yet they still cruise along like they are TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO THE WHOLE WORLD.  I was thinking that “Gee, they can pull over and run on the shoulder of the road and let people pass”, but there are no shoulders on the roads here in SC!!


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