Installing Ubuntu 9.04 in VirtualBox

I downloaded the latest Ubuntu (version 9.04) and installed it on my laptop the other day.  So I figured wtf? lets loaded it up into VirtualBox on the Mac.

The install went pretty smoothly, pointed VB at the Ubuntu .iso image, installed pretty quickly.  Trying to get the “Guest Add-ons” installed were another story.

So, it seems that the “Guest Add-ons” (GA) support version 1.5.99 and 1.6 … Ubuntu 9.04 ships with 1.6.0.  That trailing .0 makes a difference to the installer.

Here is how to fix :

Mount the add-ons image (Devices -> Install Guest Additions).

You should have a cd icon show up on the ubuntu desktop.

Fire up the terminal window – Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

[email protected]:~#  sudo su – <type your login password>

Lets see what parameters the GA support :
[email protected]:~# bash /media/cdrom/ –help

Lets extract the installer :
[email protected]:~# bash /media/cdrom/ –target /tmp/vb –noexec
[email protected]:~# cd /tmp/vb

We need to patch the script so that it will accept Xorg 1.6.0

[email protected]:~# vi

Go to line 415, :415 <enter>

change 1.6 to 1.6.0,arrow out to the space after 1.6, hit i to put vi into INSERT mode, then type .0, then hit <esc> to exit INSERT mode.  Line 415 should now read :

1.5.99.* | 1.6.0 )

Save your changes :   : wq <enter> (thats a colon wq) 

[email protected]:~#

then run the installer

[email protected]:~# bash

Reboot and cross your fingers.

[email protected]:~#  reboot

On the reboot you should have the ability to resize the window, as well as mousing in and out of VB without having to use the host key




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