Finally found my “Windows Killer”

I have finally started getting fed up with all the quirks of M$ Windows. I really miss the MacBookPro I worked for last year.  Just as I was really getting used to it, the company was was working for went BUST and I turned it in.

I found myself in possession of a Toshiba P105-S6217 laptop.


Its not a bad laptop, the battery life really sucks, like most laptops I have used, except for that apple.  This was a “Vista Only” model from Toshiba.  They did not support XP nor did they offer any drivers.  So, for about a month and a half, I ran with Vista until it became so incredibly slow that I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  It took me about 3 days to round up all the drivers needed to make the core system work (wireless, video, sound) and for the most part it was at least usable.

I had installed openSuse 11a month or so ago along side of XP in a dual boot setup and never really got the change to do much with it. I installed it on a server machine @ work and have it running DHCP and local DNS.  I became a fan of Suse while working at Ionosphere and liked it for its similarity to RedHat system, but found the server admin tools to be much better.  Although its working well on the server machine, I really struggled with it on the laptop.  After installing the NVIDIA drivers,I fought with getting a dual monitor Xinerama setup.  No soonerdid I get this set up than the system update wanted to update the kernel.  Bad idea – there was no version of the NVIDIA driver available for that version of the kernel yet.  Several reboots later, after trying all the different “failsafe” options, I at least got the desktop back.

Then I did a real stupid thing : yum upgrade. I should have really known something was wrong when it wanted to download 1GB+.

Can you say FUBAR?!  Suse’s default disk setup is done using LVM . Upon the next reboot,  I was greeted with a message that it could not find my root file system.  WTF?!  I did an over install, perserving my /home partition and just installing the default system, then back to the drawing board with getting the graphics all set up.  After 2 more over installs I had had enough.

I downloaded a fresh copy of the latest Ubuntu – The Hardy Heron that evening and the first thing the next morning, I started backing /home stuff off to the storage box running FreeNAS. As soon as that was done, I slipped the ubuntu install CD in, let it totally wipe my hard drive — bye bye Windows, bye bye openSuse, Hello Ubuntu.

Will write more later, but for now, here are some screen shots.  This is running Gnome with the AWN Navigator (the dock) with several OSX themes applied to various components.

{timg title:=”desktop” thumb:=”/images/ubuntu_tn.png” img:=”/images/ubuntu_sm.png” gal:=”gallery-ubuntu”}

{timg title:=”dock” thumb:=”/images/dock_tn.png” img:=”/images/dock.png” gal:=”gallery-ubuntu”}

{timg title:=”terminal inset in the dock” thumb:=”/images/terminal_tn.png” img:=”/images/terminal.png” gal:=”gallery-ubuntu”}

{timg title:=”stacks” thumb:=”/images/stacks_tn.png” img:=”/images/stacks.png” gal:=”gallery-ubuntu”}


{timg title:=”stacks” thumb:=”/images/Screenshot-glaw_tn.png” img:=”/images/Screenshot-glaw.png” gal:=”gallery-ubuntu”}

{simplecaddy code=CP01}

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