Crunchbag linux … i think i like it!

crunchbagFirst impressions — hmmm … could be a keeper.  for the terminal program alone …  Crunchbag replaced gnome-terminal with Terminator.  Took me a while to get used to it, but I think its going to become my primary terminal program.

I have Crunchbag installed in VirtualBox first on my Mac – probably blow away my LinuxMint install tomorrow if I have the time.  First impression is that Crunchbag is very minimalistic, being meant for older hardware.  My work laptop is no slouch, a Dualcore T550 Toshiba, so it should ROCK.

Terminal – split windows, tabs, transparency, …  on the right is a 2×2 grid of terminal windows opened up in Terminator.  In the background on the left you can see Firefox – on the right is conky – a funky system monitoring tool built into the desktop.  Right upper terminal also has 2 tabs.  Might take some getting used to, but I think it has the chance to become my preferred terminal + OS.

Installing the VirtualBox Guest Additions was a little tricky – no matter what I did, crunchbag would not mount the ISO image.  I had to ftp the .ISO up to my website and download to the VM …  I mounted it with :

sudo mount -o loop VBoxGuestAdditions.iso /mnt

Another weird thing – the system said gcc was installed but the guess add-ons would not build, I had to install the pentium-builder package and its recommended counterparts.

aptitude –with-recommends install pentium-builder

Once installed, the add-ons built cleanly.

More later …

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