Sofa pictures

As shown, it looks like there is a gap in the back, but the 2 main sections were not “joined” in these pictures – there is a metal brace that slides into the bottom of the sections to join them – no gap when its fully assembled

looking at sofa, front left corner where the cats have scratched it.

whole thing assembled takes up about 9 ft x 9 ft 2 main pieces are about 7.5 ft x 3 ft x 3ft

back left corner, also some cat scratches

right back corner, didn’t realize it came out this blurry – similar to the other back corner.

front right arm

not sure what the stain is from, there’s a couple other small stains here and there.

center cushion – I do not believe the marks are stains – just from something sitting on the cushion while stored in the garage