uses Social Media for new contest started a new contest called “Tweet and Seek” this past week using social media outlets. “Contestants” were asked to watch for to submit a clue via a “tweet” via its Twitter page This clue was to lead people to on a hide and seek type game across several websites.

The first clue was : Hint-The company-whose logo features 3 Gouldian finches-recently launched a PC line leading the way as a Smarter, Greener, Computing Company

I stumbled on the answer by accident, watching the messages to/from @buy_com – Viewsonic.

So, on to the website – What’s this, a twitter bird in the footer?

This is a link over to with the question:Question: This cold-forged aluminum spool sporting goods product shares its name with a city in Arizona.

Hint: The company that manufactures this item earns 75% of its revenue from bicycle components (its other specialty).

Spool was the magic word here – Shimano.  A search on the website for Shimano .. first result is Shimano Sedona Spinning Reel – again, down near the bottom is a Twitter bird, leading to another clue, and another, and another …

I won’t ruin the fun, but you can check it all out here :

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