Joomla Content 101

I like to think of Joomla as the content management system that I love to hate. I know WAY too much about it to just stop what I am doing and start over again with another CMS. I have done some simple things with WordPress and Drupal, when it comes right down to it, I can install a working Joomla site with 4 server commands.

People often ask me about how Joomla organizes its pages/articles, so I figured I would make up a quick blog entry.

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Bing Misses the mark – BING Failure #2

I have been doing a little Geneaology research lately and found that my Great Grandfather sold a family product named Laws’ Bluing – which was a laundry additive to whiten clothing.  Google gives me 10 results for the search of “Laws Bluing”.  As much as I hate it, I decided to give a try.   I think they missed the mark just a little …