Microsoft Bing! DOH! Failure

So a couple weeks ago I logged into Bing! to add @viewdm’s listing on their new map feature.  I updated the listings it found in Upstate SC – based on the office phone listing and another listing we had while we were all getting started.

I got 2 letters in the mail the other day with the PIN codes that I needed to complete the verification.  It contained the URL : and instructions to go there, login, and enter the code.

Upon going there, I got a big warning in Firefox : “This Connection is Untrusted”


Looking at the cert, its for a Bing! domain :



DOH!  Most people are going to see the first warning and bail out.

Also, as I logged in, Bing! could not find any of the previous requests and I had to re-enter all the update requests and “We will send you a letter in a couple of weeks…”

ARGH!  Their incompetence even shows in their web practices!